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Monday, January 31, 2011

Raising Myself!!

Lord, please help me, I am raising myself! As I type I am in a battle of the wills with a two year old! I am ashamed to admit but I do believe she is winning! Just pick up the darn blocks that YOU drug out! How hard is that??? No no after multiple spankings and time outs she is now in her room sitting on her bed until she is ready to pick them up or daddy comes home to rescue her! At least when she tells me no she says no thank you! How polite! I remember having these battle of wills with my mom and dad and now all I want to say is SORRY!!!! 90% of the time Lindsey is a perfect angel! She obeys, she picks up, she says yes ma'am and no thank you! If she can do that 90% of the time why not the other 10%. I am just saying! O please come home daddy and rescue us both!!!

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