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Sunday, July 8, 2012

So done!

These last 7 days are for the birds. A long story short is my sister-in-law Bekah is 29 weeks pregnant and as I type this she is sedated and on a ventilator. The roller coaster of emotions and Bekah's health just does not seem to stop. Jay, being the amazing man he is, has been with his brother in San Antonio. As emotional as I feel it does not even begin to compare to how Cody (Jay's brother) must feel. To not be able to talk to your best friend for 7 days has got to be so hard. On top of that to be faced with life and death decisions for your wife and unborn child has got to be heart wrenching. I can not even begin to even try to identify with the feelings that Cody is experiencing as well as Bekah. What I can identify with is the amazing husbands that Bekah and I are so blessed to have. Jay with out hesitation flew to be by his brother's side as Cody faced the worst time in his life refusing to let him be alone. Cody has so beautifully navigated this horrific nightmare. Bekah and Peyton have no better advocate than Cody. He has sat and listened to the doctors and nurses and been faced with some painful realities and yet has remained so strong and so committed to his girls. My mother and father in law have raised two boys that they should be so proud of! Any girl would have been so lucky to find these two but Bekah and I won so big the day we met them!

So, for the handful that read this blog, please take a minute and pray for Cody, Bekah, and sweet Peyton. Pray that they will walk out of the hospital carrying their sweet Peyton together and as healthy as ever! Pray for complete and total healing. Pray for Cody's strength and wisdom. Please pray!!!! We have already witnessed so many miracles in these long 7 days and we know there are many more to come! I am so confident that the God I serve is a God that loves to show off! I am standing firm in that belief and fully expecting/demanding a huge show off from my sweet Jesus! Please join me in prayer for my family.