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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Where did all my readers go . . . . . .

I sorta stalk how many people read my blog and let me tell ya that my readership has taken a nose dive! Now if I was sensitive and all that smooshie stuff my feelings might be hurt! The wonder of facebook and twitter is that I can post my blog and get instant readers! Jay and I are doing a 21 day fast and since I am pregnant I decided to give up facebook and twitter!! So now I can no longer post to facebook or twitter, hence the nose dive in readers. I am a true social network addict! I would have gladly give up meat, eggs, dairy, bread, preservatives, and sugar! I don't like meat anyways and preservatives gross me out!!! Not being able to fill every moment stalking "friends" that I met once or went to high school with makes me very anxious!!! I have a ton of faith that through all the withdraws and hyperventilating God is going to move powerfully through my family!  I had mentioned fasting to start the new year to Jay a few weeks ago and he was so put off with the idea. I decided not to push him about it and he came home Sunday and decided that this would be what our family would do! I am so proud that Jay is stepping up as a spiritual leader in our house. He is so open to what God wants to do to and through our family! I hope to post my journey through the next 19 days to have a record of what God reveals to Jay and I.

2 comments: said...

love you!!! i'm following you...are you following me?

Dunks said...

Yes, I follow you!!! You need to update more!!!