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Sunday, December 28, 2008

First Word????

Well. . . Lindsey's first word is Dada! I am still not totally convinced but Jay has claimed it and made it official! I still think she is just "talking." She says a whole bunch of dada dada dada's in a row! It really is cute! I try to get her to say mama and she just laughs at me! I gently remind her that I broke my tail bone for her and again she just laughs! I am guessing she only has eyes for her daddy! I am ok with that! He is so gentle and patient with her! When he talks she searches the room for him! Her big brown eyes light up when she sees him! He can not deny that little girl! She looks just like him! Love it!
Two days and we will be on our way to Kerrville. I am getting pretty excited now if I can get all the things that need to be done for us to go! I am amazed at how much stuff we are taking to "survive" 4 days! You think we are moving down there! We can not live with out the exersaucer or the bumbo! Not to mention all the clothes, bottles, formula, food, and diapers! O the simple days when Jay and I just packed a bag and headed out whenever we felt! Now it is all about strategy.
Happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family Time

Well this weekned has gone by fast! Nanny, Poppy, Grammy, and Pops came for a short visit! We sure loved the visitors. Lindsey had a blast with someone to hold her 24/7! I am not sure if her feet hit the ground any! She is now sitting in her Bumbo mad because there are not all those people to hold and play with her anymore!

My Nanny brought my first pair of baby shoes to put on Lindsey! We pretty much had to grease her feet to get them in my old shoes but it was well worth it! I want to have mine and Jay's baby shoes put in a shadow box as a keepsake! Hopefully Lindsey will appreciate them one day!

My mom brought us all kinds of homemade goodies for little pootie! She made the most adorable hooded towel! Lindsey looked so warm and cozy in it after her bath!

She also made her a new years onsie and a ton of bibs plus many nik naks for her room! It is sure handy to have a crafty mom around!
Well in three days we are headed down to Kerrville to finish up our Christmas fun! I can not wait! I know Lindsey is excited to see her Mimi and Pawpaw!

Friday, December 26, 2008

First Christmas!

Lindsey's first Christmas went off with out a hitch! One would think we were woken up by our sweet little girl but think again! My dad called us at 7 am just to say hey! Not cool! That phone call woke up our precious little one! Since we were already awake I gave Lindsey a bottle while I fixed sausage rolls. When her little belly was stuffed (resembeling Santa Clause) we began to open presents. To our surprise Lindsey was all about opening the presents. She loved the paper and bows. She would even hold all the presents and then slobber all over them! We lounged around all day and just enjoyed being a family! All the stress and work was totally worth it! I can not wait for next year! Hope all had a Merry Christmas!