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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mistakes into Miracles

This past Sunday during church there was a quote that pierced my heart, God can turn your mistakes into miracles!!!! How amazing and profound is that statement! No matter how small or large your mistakes God can use them! God can take the life altering, life shattering, hurts to the core mistakes and can pen the most beautiful story that was ever written! I feel as though my life is living proof! I have not always made the wisest of choices that paved my past with roses and candy hearts, but I have come to a point where it finally clicked that Jesus loved me no matter how nasty I looked on the inside! Take a look at all the major characters in the Bible they were so screwed up with pasts that would intimidate anyone! David slept with a married woman and then killed off her husband, Paul killed Christians, Matthew was a tax collector (who doesn't hate taxes) all these men were loved and accepted by the creator of the universe and we are no different! So what, we make mistakes, we royally screw up our lives but Jesus asks us to run to His arms and find solace, comfort, and forgiveness! So why do we fight it run to the One that is waiting to comfort us and accept His love and allow Him to turn your mistakes into miracles!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pretty Cool!

For the past few weeks I have been feeling little flutters from baby poppyseed! They have been so sweet and a joy! Last night I got to feel for the first time real kicks!! 4 in a row that just made me giggle! With Lindsey and this baby feeling the little miracle move around is the best! Today was even BETTER!!! Lindsey had fallen asleep on me on the couch and as I laid there praising God that this baby was napping I felt baby poppyseed kick! For the first time it struck me that I am the mom of two precious babies and I am so thankful! It was such a precious moment to be holding both my babies at the same time and feel them! I could do nothing but smile and praise God! God has transformed my life in so many ways, how can I not smile and say thank you!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

16 weeks!!

I write all the time about the negatives of pregnancy I thought today I could write about the positives! I am trying really hard to not be so negative about being pregnant! Jay and I prayed so hard for this little gift and the words I say about it need to reflect how excited we are that God chose us to raise this little poppyseed! So here is a list:

  • people are extra nice to you. No more lifting, moving, straining for ANYTHING!!
  • My momma comes and does my laundry
  • I get to be irrational and it is really ok! 
  • I get to wear stretchy pants 
  • People offer to watch Lindsey so I can take a nap!
  • Jay is so protective of me. It really is a major turn on to be honest!
  • Hearing a heartbeat is phenomenal and then seeing the baby is even better
  • I have an excuse why my house is not clean and the laundry is piled up!
  • I now have a good excuse to redo Lindsey's room
  • I get to feel the baby move around (best yet)
  • I get to hack my parents off by our name choices! 
  • I am guaranteed 3 meals a day and 2 snacks! The baby makes me sick if i don't eat so I obey!
  • I get gain 30, 40, 50 or so extra pounds and can blame it all on the baby!!!! 
  • Best part I get to hold a baby in 5 long months!!!!!!
Pregnancy and I may not be best of friends but the end reward is so worth it! As I sit here right now I am watching my 2 year old jump and dance and play in the bath so happy! She makes my heart smile! Had I had my way this perfect angel would have never happened! I never wanted kids but knowing what I know now my life would have royally sucked with out her! I can not wait for poppy seed to get here so my life can get that much better!