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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I don't feel so good!

Okay, so when you are pregnant and you think you are craving something yummy and tasty that does not give you permission to turn into an animal and devour everything in sight!

Tonight was their yummy Taco Tuesday! Nothing screams eat me like $1 tacos and free chips and home made salsa!!! I took Lindsey with me ante her share of salsa, cheese dip, chips, and tacos. It was so amazing and now I am laid up on the couch with Nick Jr. playing in the background desperately trying not to hurl! Lindsey did not care too much for the tacos but she remembered that Sara Sara cupcake was next door. I was so proud she sat so patiently and let me eat myself sick and then we waddled next door for $2 cupcakes! I swear I did not eat one! In fact the warm sweet smell that greeted us as we opened the door about made my stomach turn! Lindsey loved her dinner of strawberry cupcake and milk! I am such a fun mom when Jay is gone! Hopefully, the next time poppyseed decides to crave something I can exercise some self control and remember the consequences of tonight!!!

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