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Monday, August 31, 2009

Best Sunday in Awhile!

OMG, I posted what twice in a week! Look out blogger world Megan is on a roll!

I wish I had pictures of our awesome day, but hey, I am the mom who took her 15 month old to get her 1st birthday/baby dedication pics is August. O well! If you would like to see her pics send me a message and I will shoot you the link. I don't want any random internet perv looking at my kid!

Now the good stuff! Sunday, was the best day we have had as a family in I don't know how long! To start it off Lindsey slept in till 9! She woke up so happy. Jay was so sweet and let me get ready for church in peace and quiet while he fed and dressed her! I just think I looked so bad Saturday he would have done anything for me to not look that bad ever again! We changed our Saturday morning Panera to Sunday and had an awesome breakfast. For once they were not out of everything and since we went during "church" time there was NO ONE there! Next, we had an hour to kill before church so we ran to Target and bought Lindsey the cutest shoes EVER! Again, no one was at Target! Se refreshing to be the only ones in the store! Side Note: wanna enjoy yourself while shopping and eating go while people are at church! Maybe it will only work in the Bible Belt! Church was next on our agenda! I knew it would be good when we dropped Lindsey off at her class and she was all smiles and no tears! Boy was it good. Christine Caine preached and God answered some major questions I have been struggeling with! We watched our worship pastor baptise his wife! I could not stop crying as I watched all the lives that were being changed! God is good! Well, after nap time we went to the Lake and rode. Jay made it around twice and I pulled Lindsey for the 1st time and rode 14 miles! (better than Jay has done pulling Lindsey!) While Jay was finishing up his ride Lindsey and I explored all that is Lake Hefner. She was in heaven running through the grass and meeting new people. She would stop and stare at everyone. After she would stare at them for a few mins. she would dance her sumo dance and wave and smile. At one point she started yelling DOG and began to run after it! Thank God she has short chubby legs! They can't go as fast as she wants. Well when her daddy made it back we headed over to POPS in Arcadia. Lindsey deserved a treat for being in the trailer for 1.5 hours. We bought her, her 1st coke. Rootbeer was on the menu. She was not too keen on the taste but loved the foam that would come out of her cup. She shook and shook that cup just for the foam! She ran around the grounds and waved and yelled bye bye to all the bikers as they came and went! The ride home we listened to Lindsey talk to her shoe! Her voice is so sweet! I love it when she just jabbers about the world! We put her down to bed around 8 at 10 she was crying so I got her and layed her in bed with us! BIG mistake! To her the day was not done she wanted to play some more! We had to be mean and put her back to bed and let her cry it out! The day was so great! I can not wait till next weekend when we can do it all again!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeah

Ok, lets get this over with! I know it has been forever! This post is all text and no pics!

I am a horrible mom! I have just now scheduled Lindsey's 12 month pics for tomorrow and she is 15.5 months! 3.5 months . . . not a lot has changed. . . right???? Well actually it has! My baby is so big and I hate it! I can no longer lay her down and she be in the same place I left her. I now turn my head for a second and she is in another room detroying something! Long gone are the days of formula for a meal! I now prepare 3 meals and a few dozen snacks a day for Pottie! She is such a good eater. We were at the Dr. and I was complaining that Lindsey's full button was BROKE. He laughed and said he never hears that one. Moms are always worried about their toddler missing a meal. Let me tell you she has NEVER missed a meal! She will push the high chair to me to let me know it is time to eat. She is a very determined baby!!!!! We now, at the age of 15 months, have 1 tooth and another poking through! We are a little redneck!

Hopefully we will have pictures to show to the world soon! Love mycrazy baby!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Future Nurse?

Lindsey's awesome cousin Erin bought her, her 1st pair of scrubs! She wore them just like her momma! He butt was hanging out and she was walking on the bottoms! If Lindsey follows in the ways of the Kumpe family she will have no choice but to be a nurse! The calling seems to run in our blood! I would be a proud momma to watch her get pinned!

This is the same look I give my patient's when they ask me "special" questions, like can I go swimming in the lake now that I just had my body cut open, or can you wipe my behind even though I can but I am incredibly lazy!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lindsey's 1st Birthday!

Holy Cow Lindsey is ONE! A year ago I was soooooo swollen and ready to get her out of me! We have come a long way in a year! We started out in the NICU, went to the first three months of hell, to easy sailing! So far Lindsey has been a blast to raise. When she looks up at you with those big brown eyes and smiles o my heart just melts! There is nothing better than watching her push her little Lion in the yard turn around clap and smile! O I love her!

Here are a few pics from her party! (I downloaded them in the right order this time) My family and Jay's family came all the way to OK to celebrate her big day! She loved all the attention! We are so blessed to have a family that loves us sooo much! Lindsey would have never gotten here in one piece without them! We are eternally greatful!

Now for the pics!!!!!!!!!

This is the shirt mom made her! I do not know when she had time but I loved it!!

Lindsey was sick two or three days before her party. I kept her home from school and got things ready for the party. I gave her a peach to chew on to keep her busy. We had to take a bath after the peaches! She loved em though.

After the peaches quit working I gave her puffs. She decided they tasted better off the floor.

I could not wait till the party to give Pootie her gift from us! She loved it! She puts oe hand on the steering wheel and one on the door! She is ready to drive! 

So there are pics of her smiling but I could not see them when I was downloading the pics! I swear she loves it though!

I LOVED the cake! It was sooooo yummy! I made those flower pots and cookies. Trust me they look better in the picture than they did in real life! 

This is Lindsey's 1st cake EVER! I was a nervous wreck! If you know me you know my baby does not eat junk!!!! #2 will be at her next birthday and no sooner!

This is the aftermath!!! Jay and I had to give her a bath! There was cake EVERYWHERE! She was so happy though.

Notice the outfit change!!! Lindsey got so much loot! Thank you to all who gave her something! We are so blessed and thankful. 

The end of the party! She was soooooo tired! She loves her pony though. She sticks all kinds of things in the basket! 

The party was great! We had a great time with all our family and friends. We even picked up some random neighborhood kid! Stay tuned for the next post 1st haircut!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Texas Here We Come!

Wow, I seem to always start a blog with "it has been too long" and really it has. We just got back from Texas! Jay's brother Cody married one of the sweetest girls, Bekah! Their wedding was on Jay's parents' ranch. The wedding was gorgeous and the weather was perfect! We could not have asked for anything better.

I uploaded some pictures from the weekend! They are backwards since I forgot that I need to load the pics from back to front instead of front to back! O well! Lindsey looked so cute in the dress mom and Clair made!

This is the end of the night! Lindsey was so tired! She was a trooper! She held up in the hot sun, pictures, wedding, and a reception! I have such a good baby!

This is Addy! She is one of Jay's frinds little girl! Love her!
This was after the wedding! I came up to the house to feed Pootie before the reception! What you can not tell is I sat her down on the ground to run and get the camera and she was sreaming with big ole tears! As soon as I turned on the camera the biggest smile came on! She is such a ham!
Mr. and Mrs. Dunks! I love it!

Pretty sure she is a Doll Baby! Mom and Clair did such a good job! Pootie loves to stand! Getting her to sit is a chore!

Could that bow get any bigger?

Aunt Amy and Lindsey!

Some friends of ours let us borrow this Lion. Lindsey loves it! She pushed that thing all over John and Patti's! She would chase Spooke, the cat, with it! She thought Spooke was the greatest! She ate his ears and tail! Spooke was a trooper! He just sat there and took it. I think it has something to do with Amy carrying him around like a baby when he was a kitten!

Amy and Staci! Love those two! We had so much fun! I can not wait for graduation!!!!!!

So, I got this dress at a re-sale shop for no more than 10 bucks! What a great steal! She looked so cute! I am pretty sure her bow cost more than the dress!
The happy soon to be Mr. and Mrs.! Lindsey loved her uncle Cody!

It takes a wedding for me to get family pictures!!!

This may be my Christmas card picture! I love it!!!! We are a pretty stinkin cute family! It may have to do with the doll baby putting out all that cuteness!

Lindsey's first boots!!!!! I had to buy them 2 sizes too big to fit over those healthy legs! She could barely walk in em'! I have a feeling 1st b-day pics will be taken with these boots!

Finally, the beginning!!! The car ride was sooooooo much better! She slept sort of! Most of the time she played and we sang! She loved the Austin traffic! She would hand me that dog and make me chew on it and growl! She thought that was too funy!
Once again, we miss our friends a family that are so far away! We would not have such a beautiful little girl without you!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WOW where have we been??

O wow it has been a while! So sorry! We have decided to give you a picture journey of the past few weeks! Please keep all arms and legs in at all times and enjoy the ride.

Here is our darling angel enjoying the cookies her MIMI sent her for V-day! She LOVES them! We now give her, her cookies naked and before a bath! She gets them everywhere!

I could not figure out how to flip the pic but she is crawling on all fours! She does not do it very often at the house due to no carpet! She is awesome at army crawling on the tile!

Lindsey was sleeping so good one night after I got off work! So I decided to get the camera and take a picture of her! She decided to wake up and say hello! Look how big her eyes are! I think I was up that night at midnight and 4 am! I won't do that again!

We took a trip to Stillwater, OK and ate at Eskimo Joe's! Lindsey loved it! There were so many bright colors to see and people to look at! We had an hour wait and she sat in my lap so content. Once we got to the table she ate her baby food while we ate our greasy burger and fries! She was such a good baby! P.S. the high chair was the nastiest thing I have ever seen!
Aren't I cool!
Jay decided to FINALLY be cool and wear my over sized sun glasses! I think he looks hott!
Lindsey could care less!

Ok, so the face may not be the best but . . . Lindsey is now crawling through her exersaucer! She gets so mad she yells at it till she gets through and then looks up at you like, are you not gonna applaud and give me kisses! So, of course I do and then she crawls through it again! She is such a diva!
We love our Elephants and monkeys!!!!

Pootie is making sure the hippo moves to the Jungle beat duh du dunna duh dunna. Ok so that is the song on her monkey thing! She loves to pull herself up on it!

Pootie can now stand all by herself! She is such a big 9 month old! She loves to pull herself up on mommy's pants and the dishwasher!

Well, we hope you enjoyed the ride! Please exit to your left!
We love you guys and miss you terribly! We promise to update more!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

WOW I need to be better!

What a Saturday we are having! Lindsey is playing with her monkey ball thingy and talking up a storm! I just watched her pull herself up to her feet and then fall immedisatly down! She can pull herself to her knees but the feet wow!!!! Every morning this past week Jay and I have woken up to Lindsey standing on her knees with a huge smile ready to greet our sleepy faces! She is just a blessing to see in the morning! God really has blessed us!

Lindsey is starting to crawl on her knees. . . . she still prefers the belly and army crawl! I like the army crawl cause it mops my floor!

In some exciting news we are in the process of changeing her formula to a cheaper brand! I was a little over zealous in the beginning and the puking got worse! So we are taking it slow and hopefully in the next week or two we will be buying a 9 dollar can of formula not a 25 dollar can!

Lindsey is eating jarred baby food now!!!!! This has been a blessing! The days that I am not able to cook she can now have something other than cereal! I would prefer her to have homemade but working 12's sometimes gets in the way!

I think she has a tooth ready to poke through! She has been extra crabby, exspecially at night. I can feel it through the gum. i just wish it would make it's first appearance and ease her pain!

Well we are heading to Stillwater today so I promise pictures soon!!!! We love all of ya'll and miss you terribly!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Didn't want ya'll to miss out!

Here are some pictures to update you on Lindsey's day! We did not want you to miss one moment of her life!

This was disgusting! Enjoy the update! Love ya'll!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yeah for healthy babies!

Well, we had a week of a healthy baby! She is sleeping through the night again and the coughing spells are down to their original number! Our little angel is once again an angel! This week we were able to go to the park again before the cold spell came to torture again! I am not so sure how much she likes the park yet but I love it! We rode the slide twice on Thursday! The first time she was all smiles the second time it scarded the pee out of her! Her daddy then decided it was too dangerous for the slide! She still wont let me put her in the toddler swing but she will swing with me on the tire swing! I took her too a book store also this week! She loved all the new things to see! I sat her down for just a second and she was eating the books before I new what was happening!

I am trying to find some fun indoor things to do with Pootie now that I am keping her home two days a week! I found a gymnatic class for babies but of course it is when I am working! So maybe I can change my schedule around! She gets so bored in the house and I hate sitting her in front of the tv even if it is Baby Einstein!

Well, we love our amazing family and miss ya'll tons!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Day of Firsts

Today was my birthday so Jay took me out to eat at the Spicy Pickle in Edmond! (YUM) We took Lindsey with us and I decided she was sitting up well enough to sit in a high chair! She loved it! She wants to be big so bad and this way she felt like a big person. While Jay and I enjoyed our fab sandwiches Lindsey ate her puffs. We had a great lunch with no crying!!! What a treat!

Well after lunch I took Lindsey back home to take a nap. Well little miss woke up in a crabby mood. I could no longer stand being cooped up with a screaming pootie so I decided we would go to the park since it was so beautiful! We walked for a while and then Jay showed up and we swung on the tire swing! She loved it! I just liked it so she could wear her cool hat! We had a nice afternoon in the sun!

This is little miss priss in her pissy mood! She is still the cutest thing ever when she is mad!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

What a week!

I don't know if you can tell from the picture but Lindsey has an eye infection!
One week ago from today the day care called and said that Lindsey had green crap coming out of her eyes. So Jay and I went right away to pick her up! Sure enough when we got there her eyes were covered in green nastiness! So I called the Dr. and all they had was a reject that I do not trust! So Jay and I took her to the after hours clinic where we met Mr. personality! I am not sure if I trusted him more or the reject at our Dr's office! o well. He gave us eye drops and sent us on our way!
Now putting eye drops in a 7 month old just plain sucks! Since I am the "nurse" I got that responsibility!
Well Monday Lindsey's cough got worse and Tuesday it was even nastier! Tues night right before I was to go to work she spiked a fever! So I stayed home (o darn!) and nursed our little one! She was so miserable coughing all night and her fever kept spiking! I kept her home from day care and took her to the Dr. He said it was just a virus and we had to wait it out! Wed her fever broke! I stayed home again with her Thurs. She still has a nasty cough that wakes her up at night! Today she finally feels better and is eating better! I just hope that she will be good this weekend since my mom and dad are coming for my birthday to give Jay and I a much needed rest! O well she is better and I worked one day this week! Gotta love that!

We love and miss all of our family!!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Such a big girl!

Sorry no picture today! I know what was I thinking!!!!! Today Lindsey finally ate oatmeal at daycare. To some this may be so what but to Jay and I it is huge. This little girl does not like baby food. I spent all this money on jars of baby food and she HATES it. So eating "baby" oatmeal was huge.

Another first today was she ate chicken. I stopped off at Sam's on the way home from work and bought a roasted chicken. She loved it. She also had fresh carrots and greenbeans!

I feel as if we missed a big step in her development! She has never liked canned baby food but loves anything off our plates! O well this just makes us one step closer to no more outrageously expensive formula! We love and miss our scattered family! Hugs and kisses to all!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Lindsey gave us a great laugh today

We had to share this video with everyone. We were sitting with Lindsey at the table, and we got her to laugh like neither of us have ever heard. Hope you laugh as hard as we did.