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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am starting to feel pregnant! I am exhausted, in fact I have not even made it to the shower yet exhausted! I am hormonal! And my stomach is queasy! I am not sick to my stomach need to get some Zofran/Phenergan gel stat sick, just enough to piss me off for interrupting my life! This is how I felt with Lindsey and I did not handle it well! I want desperately to do better this go around and dang it I am determined! Lindsey and Jay deserve better! Lets face it I am a weenie when it comes to changes with me! I know I could have it so much worse but booo hooo pitty party waaaaaaa!!!!! OK pitty party done now on to that shower!!!!!   

Look what I will get to bring home in 8 months!!! I can not wait!!!

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