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Saturday, February 7, 2009

WOW I need to be better!

What a Saturday we are having! Lindsey is playing with her monkey ball thingy and talking up a storm! I just watched her pull herself up to her feet and then fall immedisatly down! She can pull herself to her knees but the feet wow!!!! Every morning this past week Jay and I have woken up to Lindsey standing on her knees with a huge smile ready to greet our sleepy faces! She is just a blessing to see in the morning! God really has blessed us!

Lindsey is starting to crawl on her knees. . . . she still prefers the belly and army crawl! I like the army crawl cause it mops my floor!

In some exciting news we are in the process of changeing her formula to a cheaper brand! I was a little over zealous in the beginning and the puking got worse! So we are taking it slow and hopefully in the next week or two we will be buying a 9 dollar can of formula not a 25 dollar can!

Lindsey is eating jarred baby food now!!!!! This has been a blessing! The days that I am not able to cook she can now have something other than cereal! I would prefer her to have homemade but working 12's sometimes gets in the way!

I think she has a tooth ready to poke through! She has been extra crabby, exspecially at night. I can feel it through the gum. i just wish it would make it's first appearance and ease her pain!

Well we are heading to Stillwater today so I promise pictures soon!!!! We love all of ya'll and miss you terribly!

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