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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WOW where have we been??

O wow it has been a while! So sorry! We have decided to give you a picture journey of the past few weeks! Please keep all arms and legs in at all times and enjoy the ride.

Here is our darling angel enjoying the cookies her MIMI sent her for V-day! She LOVES them! We now give her, her cookies naked and before a bath! She gets them everywhere!

I could not figure out how to flip the pic but she is crawling on all fours! She does not do it very often at the house due to no carpet! She is awesome at army crawling on the tile!

Lindsey was sleeping so good one night after I got off work! So I decided to get the camera and take a picture of her! She decided to wake up and say hello! Look how big her eyes are! I think I was up that night at midnight and 4 am! I won't do that again!

We took a trip to Stillwater, OK and ate at Eskimo Joe's! Lindsey loved it! There were so many bright colors to see and people to look at! We had an hour wait and she sat in my lap so content. Once we got to the table she ate her baby food while we ate our greasy burger and fries! She was such a good baby! P.S. the high chair was the nastiest thing I have ever seen!
Aren't I cool!
Jay decided to FINALLY be cool and wear my over sized sun glasses! I think he looks hott!
Lindsey could care less!

Ok, so the face may not be the best but . . . Lindsey is now crawling through her exersaucer! She gets so mad she yells at it till she gets through and then looks up at you like, are you not gonna applaud and give me kisses! So, of course I do and then she crawls through it again! She is such a diva!
We love our Elephants and monkeys!!!!

Pootie is making sure the hippo moves to the Jungle beat duh du dunna duh dunna. Ok so that is the song on her monkey thing! She loves to pull herself up on it!

Pootie can now stand all by herself! She is such a big 9 month old! She loves to pull herself up on mommy's pants and the dishwasher!

Well, we hope you enjoyed the ride! Please exit to your left!
We love you guys and miss you terribly! We promise to update more!

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