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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Texas Here We Come!

Wow, I seem to always start a blog with "it has been too long" and really it has. We just got back from Texas! Jay's brother Cody married one of the sweetest girls, Bekah! Their wedding was on Jay's parents' ranch. The wedding was gorgeous and the weather was perfect! We could not have asked for anything better.

I uploaded some pictures from the weekend! They are backwards since I forgot that I need to load the pics from back to front instead of front to back! O well! Lindsey looked so cute in the dress mom and Clair made!

This is the end of the night! Lindsey was so tired! She was a trooper! She held up in the hot sun, pictures, wedding, and a reception! I have such a good baby!

This is Addy! She is one of Jay's frinds little girl! Love her!
This was after the wedding! I came up to the house to feed Pootie before the reception! What you can not tell is I sat her down on the ground to run and get the camera and she was sreaming with big ole tears! As soon as I turned on the camera the biggest smile came on! She is such a ham!
Mr. and Mrs. Dunks! I love it!

Pretty sure she is a Doll Baby! Mom and Clair did such a good job! Pootie loves to stand! Getting her to sit is a chore!

Could that bow get any bigger?

Aunt Amy and Lindsey!

Some friends of ours let us borrow this Lion. Lindsey loves it! She pushed that thing all over John and Patti's! She would chase Spooke, the cat, with it! She thought Spooke was the greatest! She ate his ears and tail! Spooke was a trooper! He just sat there and took it. I think it has something to do with Amy carrying him around like a baby when he was a kitten!

Amy and Staci! Love those two! We had so much fun! I can not wait for graduation!!!!!!

So, I got this dress at a re-sale shop for no more than 10 bucks! What a great steal! She looked so cute! I am pretty sure her bow cost more than the dress!
The happy soon to be Mr. and Mrs.! Lindsey loved her uncle Cody!

It takes a wedding for me to get family pictures!!!

This may be my Christmas card picture! I love it!!!! We are a pretty stinkin cute family! It may have to do with the doll baby putting out all that cuteness!

Lindsey's first boots!!!!! I had to buy them 2 sizes too big to fit over those healthy legs! She could barely walk in em'! I have a feeling 1st b-day pics will be taken with these boots!

Finally, the beginning!!! The car ride was sooooooo much better! She slept sort of! Most of the time she played and we sang! She loved the Austin traffic! She would hand me that dog and make me chew on it and growl! She thought that was too funy!
Once again, we miss our friends a family that are so far away! We would not have such a beautiful little girl without you!

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Kimberly said...

i think she is getting cuter every day! that polka dot dress is PRECIOUS!!! give her a kiss for me. love you guys!