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Monday, August 31, 2009

Best Sunday in Awhile!

OMG, I posted what twice in a week! Look out blogger world Megan is on a roll!

I wish I had pictures of our awesome day, but hey, I am the mom who took her 15 month old to get her 1st birthday/baby dedication pics is August. O well! If you would like to see her pics send me a message and I will shoot you the link. I don't want any random internet perv looking at my kid!

Now the good stuff! Sunday, was the best day we have had as a family in I don't know how long! To start it off Lindsey slept in till 9! She woke up so happy. Jay was so sweet and let me get ready for church in peace and quiet while he fed and dressed her! I just think I looked so bad Saturday he would have done anything for me to not look that bad ever again! We changed our Saturday morning Panera to Sunday and had an awesome breakfast. For once they were not out of everything and since we went during "church" time there was NO ONE there! Next, we had an hour to kill before church so we ran to Target and bought Lindsey the cutest shoes EVER! Again, no one was at Target! Se refreshing to be the only ones in the store! Side Note: wanna enjoy yourself while shopping and eating go while people are at church! Maybe it will only work in the Bible Belt! Church was next on our agenda! I knew it would be good when we dropped Lindsey off at her class and she was all smiles and no tears! Boy was it good. Christine Caine preached and God answered some major questions I have been struggeling with! We watched our worship pastor baptise his wife! I could not stop crying as I watched all the lives that were being changed! God is good! Well, after nap time we went to the Lake and rode. Jay made it around twice and I pulled Lindsey for the 1st time and rode 14 miles! (better than Jay has done pulling Lindsey!) While Jay was finishing up his ride Lindsey and I explored all that is Lake Hefner. She was in heaven running through the grass and meeting new people. She would stop and stare at everyone. After she would stare at them for a few mins. she would dance her sumo dance and wave and smile. At one point she started yelling DOG and began to run after it! Thank God she has short chubby legs! They can't go as fast as she wants. Well when her daddy made it back we headed over to POPS in Arcadia. Lindsey deserved a treat for being in the trailer for 1.5 hours. We bought her, her 1st coke. Rootbeer was on the menu. She was not too keen on the taste but loved the foam that would come out of her cup. She shook and shook that cup just for the foam! She ran around the grounds and waved and yelled bye bye to all the bikers as they came and went! The ride home we listened to Lindsey talk to her shoe! Her voice is so sweet! I love it when she just jabbers about the world! We put her down to bed around 8 at 10 she was crying so I got her and layed her in bed with us! BIG mistake! To her the day was not done she wanted to play some more! We had to be mean and put her back to bed and let her cry it out! The day was so great! I can not wait till next weekend when we can do it all again!

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