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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yeah for healthy babies!

Well, we had a week of a healthy baby! She is sleeping through the night again and the coughing spells are down to their original number! Our little angel is once again an angel! This week we were able to go to the park again before the cold spell came to torture again! I am not so sure how much she likes the park yet but I love it! We rode the slide twice on Thursday! The first time she was all smiles the second time it scarded the pee out of her! Her daddy then decided it was too dangerous for the slide! She still wont let me put her in the toddler swing but she will swing with me on the tire swing! I took her too a book store also this week! She loved all the new things to see! I sat her down for just a second and she was eating the books before I new what was happening!

I am trying to find some fun indoor things to do with Pootie now that I am keping her home two days a week! I found a gymnatic class for babies but of course it is when I am working! So maybe I can change my schedule around! She gets so bored in the house and I hate sitting her in front of the tv even if it is Baby Einstein!

Well, we love our amazing family and miss ya'll tons!

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