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Sunday, July 31, 2011

For my memory!

Today the sweetest thing happened with Lindsey and I had to write it down so I will not forget it! Ya'll are just lucky to get a sneak peak! 

I was picking up my room and Lindsey was in the room with me "helping!" She found a small green book and climbed up in her daddy's work chair and started flipping through it. She was quickly frustrated because there were no pictures and the words were really small. She looked up at me and asked what kid of book this was. I told her that was momma's Bible. She got really excited and said I read it to you mom! I said o really what does it say. She started singing Jesus Loves Me and then transitioned to My God is so Big and ended with Jesus Loves the Little Children. After she finished I asked her is that what it really said and she very seriously said yes mom! I love it! We stopped picking up and climbed up in bed together and she read the Bible to me for a good 15 mins! Such a sweet evening with my little love!

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