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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Got my Stash!!

Yesterday I saw on facebook that Green Bambino was having a one day sale!!! So I begged Jay to take me there so I could add just a few diapers to my stash! While I was sitting there trying to figure out which sale items I wanted Jay pipes up and tells me to just get the stash now! So, I grabbed the first employee I could find and started my shopping before he could say no!!! Warning lots of pics! If you stay tuned to the end there is a cute surprise!

 This is the whole stash!! I have everything I need to diaper Ella-Clair to potty training!!! The sweet girls at the store recommended me not to put my eggs all in one basket and get a variety! They said I will find that I like some better than others and some will work better for night time, travel, outings, ect. I also bought some that Jay thought would be better for him to use!

These are my pocket diapers! I only got two because they were on sale! They are my least favorite so far! But I may end up loving them!

These are my fitted diapers! These are my favorite so far! They are so cute and suppose to be great at night when you put a cover on them! I can not wait to put her little tush in them!

These are my covers. I can use them with the fitted's and the prefolds! I think I bought a few too many but they are too cute!

 This is my wet bag for the diaper bag! So cute!

No more pins!!! This little contraption will hold a prefold without sticking the baby! My mother-in-law would call this cheating!

I bought 12 prefolds! They are supposed to be great for newborns. Fold one and put it in a cover and voila! I am really excited about these!

These are the all in 2's! I am not too sure about these yet! Jay really liked them and they are supposed to be awesome for traveling! So we will see! I will be testing these out in Sept on a road trip to AR!!!

Pail liner! I still need a pail! Wal-Mart this week!

Soap and butt cream!

I told you there was a cute surprise!! She is my big helper in this diaper journey!
I am going to start washing today!!! New post to follow washing! I am so excited!

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