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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Keeping my mind off this growing belly!

I could write 8 billion posts about how miserable I am or how many days I have left. The last thing I need however is to wallow in my own discomfort! What I really need is to remember that this is a short season and I have way more things to write about than this pregnancy!

For the last hundred and some odd days I have been reading my Bible through in chronological order. I am in the middle of the Old Testament right now. This has been a big challenge. Lets just say Chronicles and Job are not my favorite! I am actually loving reading it all together. The story is so beautifully woven together and points to our amazing Savior. I love the stories of hope and redemption. I love seeing how angry God was with their sin but yet he loved His people so much He continued to deliver them when they certainly did not deserve it! I wish I would have read the Bible like this years ago. I am seeing a more complete picture of my Heavenly Father and oh how He loves us!!! Some days when I read I am just overwhelmed by the love He has for us!!! O if I can only love my husband and children with just a fraction of that love!!! I encourage each of ya'll to read the Bible this way and see His love unfold! Yes some days it is all I can do to make it through but I have to remember those words are important to My Father and He has all kinds of treasures for me to find!

P.S. 10 days!