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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cloth Diaper. . . Laundry

Sooooooo I got all my diapers washed (or so I thought)! I followed the directions that the diaper store gave me and it took 2 days! The natural fiber diapers took all day! They were supposed to be washed 3-4 times so that for the first use all the natural oils would be gone and they would have maximum absorbency from the start. That was a little annoying but will be worth it when they don't leak! The synthetic fibers took one load. The bad thing was that they took forever to dry. I was instructed to dry on low for 30 mins and that was not near enough time. So I dried for 20-30 more mins on low then laid them out in the baby room to air dry. I can see this being an issue when we start using them because I do not have a good place to air dry things! The one thing I did that made it take longer was wash each type of diaper separately. There was no need to do that, I just did for me as I was putting them away.

The only problem I really ran into was not reading the label clearly enough to see if it was natural or synthetic fibers. So when I went to buy the last needed inserts for my All-in-2's the sweet girl reminded me to wash multiple times! I had a slight panic attack because I thought I was all done. So now I have to go wash 4 inserts on top of the ones I bought again. I am glad I found out now instead of after baby E gets here!

My advice for washing is the labels for the fabric type and remember cotton is natural, 2. be ready to be patient but don't run small loads just cause you are anal, and 3. have a space to air dry some of the more stubborn one's!

I was really pleased with washing. After all was said and done I felt very confident that this is totally doable once we start using them.

Next time I will let you in on the choice of cloth wipes! I am still working through that idea!

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