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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The countdown!

We are down to a month and a half till Ella-Clair makes her arrival! I can not wait!
Last weekend we were in Arkansas for my cousin Mitch's wedding and I felt this incredible peace about her name and incredible anxiety about her birth! Lets start with her name! Now, sadly I did not get to spend much time with Ella-Clair's name sakes but I had plenty of time to sit at the reception and watch these two women. As I watched them I  just felt peace that if E-C can take their parts that make me love them so much she is going to be such an amazing person. Heck maybe then she can compete with Lindsey's full personality!
The same weekend my sweet sister baby sat Lindsey for 2 evenings so Jay and I could have a couple much needed nights out. Date #2 we went to the Drive-In. . . soooooo much fun! As we were sitting there people watching we started talking about the "plan" for when E-C was I began to get extremely uncomfortable. How are we gonna do this, who is gonna take care of Lindsey, who is gonna take care of Jay, what about dinner, grocery shopping, ect. Poor Jay all he could say was I can take care of it all! NOOOOOO I want to take care of it! I threw my fit for a few mins and then just closed my eyes and prayed for God to just take care of it! The worries slowly drifted away. This week I feel as though God has shown me how all the things I allowed to so strongly consume will be taken care of. He knows I love to plan and He keeps reminding me to keep planning all I want but this is all in His timing and He is gonna jack-up my plans anyway! So, I am quitting planning! I can be prepared and ready for the unknown and trust God to see us through this crazy journey! He took care of us with Lindsey why not E-C????

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