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Friday, July 15, 2011

Quick thoughts!!

My head is full and I need to dump enjoy the bullet points!!!
  • All my diapers are washed. Not too bad. Another post about it soon.
  • 3rd trimester hormones are getting to me!
  • Jay is amazing!!! He loves me even when I snap!
  • Today felt like a Monday! I just could not please everyone!
  • I think there is such a thing as being to flexible! I need to start piping up and saying no instead of rearranging my life!
  • Tuesday's rain was so refreshing! We were even able to eat outside!! Wednesday's cloud cover was amazing, we were able to play outside.
  • Thursday and Friday the heat returned and well it is murder for this prego lady!
  • I am toying with homeschooling Lindsey. I am praying about it and experimenting with it! The more I try to "teach" Lindsey the more I realize I could do it!
  • I am getting nervous about E-C making her debut! How do I incorporate her our family and still make sure Lindsey feels as loved as she does now! The pressure is mounting!
  • My aunts, mom, and grandma are on their way to see me this weekend!! I am beyond excited! 
  • Dang these 3rd trimester hormones I am done with them!! Can I take a valium?????? 

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