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Friday, November 12, 2010


So this 30 day blog is on a break because, well I am not too sure!

Cooking is one of my favorite things to do! I could be in the kitchen all day! There is nothing better than creating something yummy and healthy for my little family! Any who, when I was growing up my mom rotated the same dishes over and over! Don't get me wrong they are still my favorite things to eat but I did not get a lot of exposure to new foods. Now that I have a little one I want to expose her to all kinds of foods no mater if I like it or not! This is a hard task when I am a picky eater! I have been blessed with a child that will eat almost anything! However, my stash of recipes I had was thin and not that nutritious! So in order to find yummy, healthy foods I searched all over the internet and asked friends for new recipes. Two websites I have found are and They both offer awesome options that never bore my family! I love that weelicious takes the time to make her dishes healthy and kid friendly. I never have to worry that what I am feeding Lindsey is bad for her. She does not hide veggies but makes veggies fun and good! Because of her website I have tried peas and they are really yummy! I wish I was as creative as these ladies. They are making some amazing dishes out of some truly random ingredients! I hope you will enjoy these websites as much as I do!

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kristina said...

Thanks for sharing those! I like to cook and bake...especially things that are good for the fam.