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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 22!

Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else

Hmmmmm. . . . .

I am incredibly ADHD (squirrel). Not the ADHD you say you have when you are not concentrating but the real not over diagnosed kind!!! For years I saw it as a horrible diagnosis that made life a pain. Not too long ago I was talking to someone about this little pain in my life and they looked at me and asked me what was good about being ADHD. I was taken back by that question. They then read me an excerpt from some book about how being ADHD has given me gifts and unique perspectives! And that little excerpt was right! I am so passionate! Little things get me so excited! When I was in Vegas I was gambling and won like ten bucks but you would have thought that I won the world! Life is exciting to me! I can juggle multiple things at one time! I notice random things that others may not even notice! I know how to have fun and enjoy the here and now! I don't worry as much as most. Lets be honest I am too distracted most times to have time to worry. Being ADHD and a mom is perfect! I love to get in and get dirty with my little girl! I am not worried about looking cool! Lets face it for years I was the ADHD dork and never quite fit in so why start worrying about now! 

So yeah. . . . . . my ADHD makes me different from everyone else! I had some pretty awesome parents that allowed the good stuff from being ADHD hang out! Heck my husband loves me because of my ADHD! He says when I take my medicine I am not as much fun! So, now no more shame but only total celebration of this diagnosis! One of the best gifts God could have given me!!!

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P Dunks said...

You ARE the best daughter-in-law anyone could ever want!!!!!! Love ya!