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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 15!

Day 15- Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play

1. Paradigm by: All Together Separate 
How about some old school Christian to get ya going! I forgot how much I loved this song!

2.Love Me Do by: The Beatles 
Umm all you music lovers don't hate but I think this is Jay's music creeping into my i tunes! I have no clue about this song!

3. Good Times Gonna Come by: Aqualung
Again someone's music is creeping into my i tunes however I am liking what I am listening to! 

4. Sooner or Later by: Switchfoot
Love Switchfoot! 

5. Reached Down by: Todd Agnew
So this is from my days of "borrowing" music in college. I really do not care for Todd Agnew! Something about his voice is nails on a chalk board to me! This will soon be exiting my library!

6. Dear Shame by: The Newsboys
OMG!!!! Newsboys were one of the first bands I ever knew! That is right I was rocking to Christian music at an early age! I love everything this band has put out!

7. Imperfection by Saving Jane
Don't hate I saw this poppy little group in concert at the AMP!!!! I just love them!

8. Sport Utility Vehicle by: Veggie Tales
I would love to tell you that I downloaded this after Pootie was born but yeah I was that nerdy and loved and still love Veggie Tales! Lindsey has now acquired my taste for these cute little veggies! Makes my heart smile!!!

9. Change Me by: Sanctus Real
What is to be said but good band! 

10. Rich Girl by: Gwen Stefani
Love this girl since the first No Doubt CD that played in my stereo! 


Anonymous said...

despite the fact most of this music is great what happened to your country music?

Dunks said...

That is a great question!!!!! I know I have way more country than anything!!