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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mistakes into Miracles

This past Sunday during church there was a quote that pierced my heart, God can turn your mistakes into miracles!!!! How amazing and profound is that statement! No matter how small or large your mistakes God can use them! God can take the life altering, life shattering, hurts to the core mistakes and can pen the most beautiful story that was ever written! I feel as though my life is living proof! I have not always made the wisest of choices that paved my past with roses and candy hearts, but I have come to a point where it finally clicked that Jesus loved me no matter how nasty I looked on the inside! Take a look at all the major characters in the Bible they were so screwed up with pasts that would intimidate anyone! David slept with a married woman and then killed off her husband, Paul killed Christians, Matthew was a tax collector (who doesn't hate taxes) all these men were loved and accepted by the creator of the universe and we are no different! So what, we make mistakes, we royally screw up our lives but Jesus asks us to run to His arms and find solace, comfort, and forgiveness! So why do we fight it run to the One that is waiting to comfort us and accept His love and allow Him to turn your mistakes into miracles!!!!

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