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Thursday, March 10, 2011

16 weeks!!

I write all the time about the negatives of pregnancy I thought today I could write about the positives! I am trying really hard to not be so negative about being pregnant! Jay and I prayed so hard for this little gift and the words I say about it need to reflect how excited we are that God chose us to raise this little poppyseed! So here is a list:

  • people are extra nice to you. No more lifting, moving, straining for ANYTHING!!
  • My momma comes and does my laundry
  • I get to be irrational and it is really ok! 
  • I get to wear stretchy pants 
  • People offer to watch Lindsey so I can take a nap!
  • Jay is so protective of me. It really is a major turn on to be honest!
  • Hearing a heartbeat is phenomenal and then seeing the baby is even better
  • I have an excuse why my house is not clean and the laundry is piled up!
  • I now have a good excuse to redo Lindsey's room
  • I get to feel the baby move around (best yet)
  • I get to hack my parents off by our name choices! 
  • I am guaranteed 3 meals a day and 2 snacks! The baby makes me sick if i don't eat so I obey!
  • I get gain 30, 40, 50 or so extra pounds and can blame it all on the baby!!!! 
  • Best part I get to hold a baby in 5 long months!!!!!!
Pregnancy and I may not be best of friends but the end reward is so worth it! As I sit here right now I am watching my 2 year old jump and dance and play in the bath so happy! She makes my heart smile! Had I had my way this perfect angel would have never happened! I never wanted kids but knowing what I know now my life would have royally sucked with out her! I can not wait for poppy seed to get here so my life can get that much better!

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satirah said...

I think you picked amazing names!