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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Its a baby

Well we had our big Ultrasound! We found out right away that we are having another precious little girl! Her name will be Ella-Clair!!!! She is named after my Memaw and my aunt Clair! These are two women that I love very much! My summer memories are filled with fun times at the farm with my Memaw and Big John. I had some of my best summers with them! Plus there is nothing I love more than going home and going to eat at the Crumpet Tea Room with my Memaw! Her full name is Jo Ella so I took the best part of her name! Jo Ella is so sweet and quiet but when she talks she is freakin' hilarious! She is so quick witted! Plus she is fun to people watch with!!! My aunt Clair is the reason I became a nurse! From her I received the most honest and realistic view of nursing and I still wanted to do it! Not to mention she has struggles with her hearing for unknown reasons and she does not let that get in her way! She is one of the most out going fun person I know and not to mention one of the best seamstresses I know! I am so excited that she agreed to make Ella's bedding! One thing I love about my Aunt Clair is her spiritual gift of hospitality! You will be welcomed into her home at all times with a good drink and even better food! You are never made to feel rushed or not welcomed plus she can throw one heck of a party! I love it when my family tells me I am being like my aunt! Every time I have a party I always think about how Clair would do it!

Ella-Clair has a lot to live up to! I want her to be quick witted and loving like her Memaw and persevere with grace and hospitable like her Aunt Clair! I can not wait to meet this little girl and hold her in my arms! 20 more weeks to go!!!!!

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