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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So, at church we have been going through this series called I Quit! Well this week was over comparing! Women are the worse at it! We compare ourselves to each other, magazines, tv, you name it we compare it! My biggest struggle growing up was comparing myself to other girls, was I pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough, ect. Now that I am a little older I am a little more secure in myself and have replaced my insecurities with new ones. I am now an incredibly insecure mom! There are moms that I honestly can not stand to be around, not because they are bad people or their parenting is off kilter, but because they are better at parenting than I will ever dream of being! How can I live up to that!Then there are some moms I strive to be like, copy, pray to God to allow me to be half as good as they are! However, I am starting to realize that I am going to have days when I fail and fail big but I am going to have more days where I win and I win huge! Those days are going to out weigh the fail days! And if all else fails I will pay for therapy for both kids! I have to stop comparing and just trust that God will answer my prayers and keep my kids out of therapy!!!

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kristina said...

I can relate. I've been meaning to blog about this very thing for a while. Girl you are an awesome person and an amazing mama. I compare time I told my mom that it seems like all the moms around me "have it all together" and she laughed and said " well, they're not going to tell you all their rip their hair out moments!" I try to keep that in mind when I have crazy days and I feel like a failure of a mom :D