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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Irrational rationality!

So apparently pregnancy and I do not mix! Last night I holed up in the bathroom crying because everything wrong with the day was all my fault! Apparently I made the wind blow too hard, Lindsey wouldn't eat dinner, Jay had a bad day, I looked like a grandma, the laundry was not done, the house was a mess, ect!!! Poor Jay had a crying 2 year old in the living room and a crying wife in the bathroom! I am not too sure he is going to survive this pregnancy! He barely survived the last! To make matters worse we went to Life Group last night and the sweet couple in our Life Group would not let me wallow in self pity! Don't they realize I am pregnant and I have a free pass to wallow! I guess they missed that memo! I have 6 months left to go and then I can stop prefacing all my conversations with I am not rational right now! Lord, please help me!!!

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