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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week With MeMaw

This is for you Bekah Lou!!!

A couple weeks ago Lindsey and I went to stay with my Memaw, after she was discharged from the hospital! I went thinking this would be good for my grandma. Turns out the week was meant for me! God really spoke to me about some struggles in my heart and gave me and Lindsey some much needed nothing to do or go to time! I truly enjoyed taking my grandma with me everywhere! We went to the park, the doctor, the safari, to eat, the post office, ect. It was so nice to see my aunts every night as they came and checked in on us! The best part was each night Lindsey would crawl up in Memaw's lap and snuggle close to watch Touched by an Angel! She loved the special time to snuggle and to be spoiled. Funny how God will use less than stellar events to bring you rest and peace! I am so in love with my Father and how much He provides when I do not even realize I am in need! If I just asked for God to provide me with monetary means I would be missing out on the true gifts. God answered my needs with a week away and family time!

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