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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Uggh Sick

We are sick in the Dunks household! Well just Lindsey! She is not the kind of sick where all she wants to do is snuggle! No, she is throw up and then pissed for a few minuets then run around like crazy! Have some diarrhea, doctor her bottom, and run around like crazy. After lunch I let her lay in my bed and watch all the Nick Jr. she could stay awake through! Lucky for me it was one episode of Little Bill! She took an awesome 3 hour nap and then threw up again and this time she thought it was too funny! She kept dinner, breakfast, and lunch down so far but did have some diarrhea which is my fault! I tried Quinoa for the first time on my family and just read that it can act as a laxative! Greeeeeeaaaaat!

On a less disgusting note I love these pictures of her! She is the sweetest little girl I know with a side of crazy!

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