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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Love is in the details!

Have you ever been out to eat and the restaurant just did one or two extra things to knock it out of the park for you? I know that when Jay and I go out yo eat with Lindsey if the waiter can make Lindsey feel comfortable then we are sold. 3 restaurants in the city really know how to do it. The Wedge on Western gives Lindsey pizza dough to play with. When we walk in we never get the look of o crap a toddler. Chick-fil-a has FREE cheerios and a play place that is awesome! Abuelos brings out Lindsey's food just warm never piping hot. The wait staff is always so considerate of Lindsey and brings her different chips and snacks. Nothing that these 3 restaurants do is time consume or outrageously expensive but the little details that they decided to pay attention to keeps us coming back for more.

I was once told by someone I was volunteering with that God had sent him to fix my OCDness. I politely allowed him to tell me how my attention to detail was a negative. (Thank God I have not served with him since)! I see it as a positive. The little things add up to HUGE things. Details do not mean it has to be perfect it just means that you took the time to consider someone else. My goal in this season of my life is not to be perfect but to consider who will walk through my life whether at church, home, or work and do something small for them to help knock their day out of the park!

On a side note my baby is beautiful! Cheryl did an amazing job!

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