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Thursday, March 4, 2010

hmmm. . . .

I have been pondering my blog for a while. I read other blogs and am so inspired, then I sit down to write and well there is nothing inspiring there! Frustrating! I want to blog so I can show Lindsey my thoughts as she was growing up.

Speaking of growing up, Lindsey is huge! She is 21 months and full of attitude. She never stops moving! Well, except for her favorite Canadian cartoon, Miss B. G. This sweet little girl never cared for t.v. until we cut off cable and now she can not get enough of Qubo. Qubo, is a cartoon channel that we get over the antenna and all the cartoons are Canadian made. 30 minuets each night she will sit sort of still and watch in amazement! I love it!

Recently, did a series on margin. So now we are on a journey to create margin. Time we are good on, money not so much. So we have now cut off cable, eating out, shopping, groceries, ect. If it can be cut we do it! The one thing we have not cut out is tithing! No matter how tight the week we tithe no matter what! God has truly blessed us. The money goes farther, saying no is easier, we don't fight! Jay and I want so badly to not owe anyone but GOD. I hope as we go through this journey I can share the ups and downs on here!

Well, I guess I made up my mind! I am going to continue this blog at least so I have an outlet for all that life throws my family!

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