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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Playgrounds and Brats!

I took Lindsey to the park yesterday. Lindsey thinks she is 10 year old. She gets up on the biggest slide and heads down, no worries. I normally get on the equipment with her and hover over her like a helicopter but this trip I decided to lay back and hover from afar, well kinda. When we got to the park we were basically the only people there so Lindsey had the whole place to herself. School soon let out and the kids showed up. Moms sat at the benches and let their (older) kids go. The kids were in their own world and Lindsey did not fit. She was too slow and too little for them to be bothered with. Lindsey just wanted to slide. I had 1 too many conversations with the kids about sharing as the moms sat and read their books and never once saw their kids. I had to bargain with on kid to let Lindsey slide. I told the little girl that they could slide 4 times before Lindsey even got up there. All the frustration I felt for my little girl, I don't think she even noticed. If the kids wouldn't let her slide she just went to another one and squealed with glee, clapped her hands, and signed more! We went down more slides than I can count. She finally got tired of the slides and went to swing. I would try to push her and she would point at the swing next to her and yell SIT! So I had to sit in the swing by her and swing with her! She is so big! What I do not understand is these parents who let their kids go. I don't even care that the kids don't share but those moms were missing out on so much fun. I love getting on the equipment with her and see every smile and clap! Those moments are too precious to miss out on for a book!

That trip to the park really hit home with me. I have no problem chillin' with pootie at the park but at home is another story. There is always laundry to be done, something to be cleaned, or homework to be tended to. All of those will be there after she goes to bed. The moments I miss because I think my house is not perfect will be missed!

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