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Monday, August 15, 2011

Hmmm. . . .

Well still pregnant! We go to the Dr. Fri. and will have a baby no later than Sat! Not much longer! We had some fun Sat night though! I could have sworn we were in labor so we rushed Lindsey to a friend's house and headed to the hospital in cautious anticipation that this was the day! Well after 3 hours, 4 miles of walking, and 5 flights of stairs later we were sent home! Dang! What was really frustrating was as soon as we got settled into "our" room everything calmed down! Well stink! Our sweet friends kept Lindsey over night so Jay and I drowned our sorrows in cheez-its and 4 episodes of Breaking Bad! Not a horrible way to end the evening! As Jay and I were taking our labor inducing walk we had a mini date! Jay and mine's best dates are always the nontraditional dates. Dinner and a movie is great but give me hours of uninterrupted time with that man and I am in HEAVEN!!! As we were walking and talking we both came to the happy conclusion that hopefully E-C came at the end of the week so we had a few extra days with Linds! We remembered that our sweet little fam of 3 is coming to an end. A small part of me is sad! For 3 years it has been just the 3 of us on an adventure now we are welcoming a 4th member and it will never be the same! Don't get me wrong I am excited but Linds is pretty awesome!! Hopefully the next post will be pics of baby E!!! Can't wait!!! 

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