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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nothing fancy

I feel as though it is time for a little update on the happenings in our little piece of heaven! Nothing major just happenings!

We got a cute little cat named Sunny. Right after we had her de-clawed and spayed she ran away! So now I am out tons of money and have a broken hearted 2 year old! Well that was a major fail!!!! 

Jay had PRK to fix his vision! Let me just say it was not fun! I had to drive everywhere for 7 days. Lets just say Jay is not a fan of my excellent driving skills! Then, the poor guy felt good except his eyes felt like they were on fire so he was a little grumpy! On the upside he had to wear sunglasses all the time so people thought he was stoned!!

Seriously like two months after the PRK, Jay got his wisdom teeth removed! He was a trooper with that one! He did so good and put on a good show right after his surgery! He really is a good patient! 

My little diva's personality is really beginning to shine through! She is bossy, opinionated, compassionate, hard headed, independent, out going. . . pretty much me! She looks like her daddy and acts like me! That worries me! O and she loves her baby sister! She talks to my belly saying "hi Ella" or she will touch my belly and think she is touching Ella! She tells everyone that her baby sister's name is Ella-Clair! I love that she already loves her!

Well that is the past few months is a nutshell! 

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