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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 24!

Day 24- A letter to your parents

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well who woulda thunk that I would turn out semi normal! I am such an insane combination of the two of you! I got the good and the bad! Mom, I cherish sleep almost as much as you do and my heart is as sensitive as yours. Thank God I got dad's thick skin to guard it! Dad, I got your sense of humor (which can get me into trouble) and I got your inability to talk about feelings! That trait just hacks Jay off!!!! I would not trade my make up for anything! Thanks to the two of you, I honestly believe I can accomplish ANYTHING!!! You two always believed in me! You always offered honest encouragement! I may not have been the best at what ever I tried but that did not matter you were just proud that I was out there trying. If I failed it was ok cause I at least gave it my all. You two had a way to guide me without hovering and intruding. If I failed, I failed and I was able to experience the consequences is the safest of places, ya'lls arms! During my most epic fail of all time, I had never felt such love like ya'll gave! To that I am so incredibly thankful! You two had such amazing dreams for me and there was no, not accomplishing them. I hope and pray that I can somehow love Lindsey as much as ya'll loved me! I am not sure that is even possible! I know I was no where near the easiest child to raise but I am so thankful that ya'll did it with such grace and awesomeness! Thank you for all the sacrifices you made to help me be who I am today! I know the sacrifices were great and I never ever take them for granted! I am the special, awesome person I am today because of you two!! And I am awesome!!!!

I love ya'll so much and miss ya'll terribly! 

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