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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things I Love. . .

  • Jesus- I fail daily and He still accepts me as I am!
  • Yukon- I have never been apart of a church that is so positive! They are so focused on reaching the lost that there is no room for negativity!
  • Jay Robert Dunks- he works so hard so I can be passionate about 1200 million trillion things!
  • Lindsey Marie- umm have you looked at her! GORGEOUS!!!
  • The weather right now- so cool and warm and perfect!
  • My new phone!!!
  • My boss telling me my heart is not at work!! A-freakin'-men!! I think MY priorities are getting lined out!
  • Staying at home- some days are harder than others but I don't want to miss a beat!
  • My job- even though it is not my number 1, 2, or 3 I still love nursing and the people I work with!
  • The fact that we have had cable for a month again and I am ready for it to go again!
  • Doing Grad school with Lisa! Finally we are getting it right 7 years later!

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