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Monday, July 12, 2010

Angel Wings

Today, I went to a visitation where I saw the tiniest coffin! I wish that coffins did not have to be made that small. The little angel laid there looking so beautiful and peaceful. This little girl is no ordinary girl. She is a 2 year old miracle. Her mom and dad made a brave decision to keep this child when the Dr.s gave them the news that their baby was not going to be born healthy. They took in what they were told and prayed and believed. Week after week Dr. visit after Dr. visit God answered prayer after prayer. Laynie was not born "normal" but she was not born with all the problems that were thought to be. Lacy and Brad were able to take home this little stubborn miracle that touched everyone they knew and well didn't know. Laynie has over 2,700 facebook friends! She is so famous! Anyone who hears her story is touched. The faith that Brad and Lacey have displayed is infectious. The day that Laynie got her wings I took food to this sweet family's house. When I walked in I was overwhelmed with how peaceful and joyous their home was! I hope you read her story on facebook and take a lesson in faith. God has provided for and blessed this family beyond measure and He will do the same for you if you just trust Him!

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Jessica Sun said...

Ever since you suggested her page on FB, I followed her! What a sweet blessing she was to everyone! I will surely miss reading her daily updates!