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Friday, May 28, 2010

Bitter Sweet!

Last weekend my sweet family from Arkansas came to OKC with their RV and camped in my front yard to celebrate Pootie turning 2! I had been preparing for this weekend for 2 months! Friday of her party Jay and I were informed of some horrible news. We decided to go on and have her party but not to inform our family. Having our family around was so amazing but throughout the entire weekend my mind was elsewhere. I am so sad that the poor choice one person made affected my mood for the entire weekend. My mind may have been distracted but my family was not. They made a potentially horrible weekend the best for Lindsey. Below are a few pictures from the weekend. They are in no particular order because well blog spot hates me!

Lindsey at the end of the party! She loves her glasses! She wears them around like a little diva!

Last year Jay did not get to watch Lindsey open presents so this year he got the honors of helping Pootie! He is so good and patient he can have the job EVERY year!

I am so mean! I would not let Lindsey eat the cupcake until we got a picture! She had been not so patiently waiting all day for a cupcake and when the time came to FINALLY eat one I made her wait a few more minuets for a dumb picture!

We are still working on blowing out candles. All she wanted was the stupid cupcake!

I am so proud of the idea I stole from some website!

Jay and I got Lindsey a swing for her birthday. We may not have picked it up until an hour before the family arrived. We may not have hoped that Uncle Steve and Randy and Pops would put it together! They did a great job! Lindsey and Hope loved it! They played so good together! I can not wait to go to AR so the two can play together again soon!

We bought Pootie a bubble machine as well as 2 other people! We have them all set up in the back yard. If you drive by you may very well see bubbles surrounding our house! She loves them! Hope and Lindsey chased those bubbles all over the yard!

These bleepity bleep bleep bleep Elmo cupcakes! This is why I have been planning this party for 2 months. Lindsey all of a sudden fell in love with Elmo so of course I had to have an Elmo cake! Last year we spent way too much on a cake from a local bakery so I was determined this year to make her cake. I could have bought another cake for the amount of money I spent testing out cupcakes and frosting! By the way making red icing is impossible! I died coconut instead, much easier! They turned out too cute and they were yummy as well. I made coconut creme filled cupcakes mmmmm! My table was pretty cool too!
Here is the first part to the table decorations! Get it. . . Sesame Street!!!
Lindsey had a great party! My sweet family from AR and our sweet friends form OK made it so special for Lindsey and us! We are truly blessed and humbled by all the love that was poured upon us! Next year I am not sure what we are doing but I am not making a cake with RED icing that is for sure! Thank you to all who came! You all made what could have been a miserable weekend so much fun and a good distraction! Love you all!

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