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Friday, April 23, 2010


Today feels like a random list day.

* I miss NWA. Not the towns or the stuff to do just my family and friends.

* I love OKC! Can NWA move here?

* People that smoke in their luxury vehicles just plain piss me off! You paid mega bucks for that vehicle show some respect!

* PBS has great programing. I now know more about OK than I ever knew about AR. We got a ghost in the governor's mansion.

* I am stalling on homework. At this point it seems pointless. I need motivation.

* I love our new church home! I love going up there on Wednesdays and serving the staff. Whatever they need I can do! They work so hard for me, the least I could do is work hard for them.

* I love my job. I wish I was not bored so easily. How many job titles can you have until there are just too many? I am working on the answer! I love all that I do and can not simply wait to finish one to do another.

* Our computer will not let me upload pics to it. I have tons of blog worthy pics and a picky computer! If anyone would like to donate to the Megan and Jay need a new computer fund please leave a comment.

* I officially love to bite off more than I can chew! Why yes I would love to have 2 bar b q's back to back! What the frick was I thinking? O, yes, I was thinking Jay can handle this while I curl up in the fetal position and rock!

* Speaking of Jay I have an amazingly embarrassing post for ya'll when my camera and computer decide to kiss and make up!

* The last random thought of the day: Man I love my husband! He is the best of the best of the best. Hope all ya'll are JEALOUS! Cause you should be!

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