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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This precious girl is what happened when Jay and I were "irresponsible!" God took that so called irresponsibility and gave us the biggest gift ever! Yeah sure had we been more "careful" we would have had time alone, the ability to travel, or maybe more money. Looking at all the coulda shoulda's I think man how boring! Jay and I get the amazing oppurtunity to do the fun things that you need a kid for. Like the zoo, kid movies, playing at the park on the equipment. You know all the things people would look at you kinda funny for not having a kid with you! How boring would our day be if we never heard those sweet broken questions. Like, where my bird, where daddy go, where my moon, and so on! Daily we get to experience the world through the eyes of a toddler. The world is brand new, exciting, fun, safe, and amazing! I never knew true love till I held her. I am so thankful Jay and I were irresponsible. I am so thankful God gave us this precious gift. I know this picture is a year old but I can hear her laugh when I look at it! To hear that laugh is the best part of our irresponsibility!
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