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Sunday, December 28, 2008

First Word????

Well. . . Lindsey's first word is Dada! I am still not totally convinced but Jay has claimed it and made it official! I still think she is just "talking." She says a whole bunch of dada dada dada's in a row! It really is cute! I try to get her to say mama and she just laughs at me! I gently remind her that I broke my tail bone for her and again she just laughs! I am guessing she only has eyes for her daddy! I am ok with that! He is so gentle and patient with her! When he talks she searches the room for him! Her big brown eyes light up when she sees him! He can not deny that little girl! She looks just like him! Love it!
Two days and we will be on our way to Kerrville. I am getting pretty excited now if I can get all the things that need to be done for us to go! I am amazed at how much stuff we are taking to "survive" 4 days! You think we are moving down there! We can not live with out the exersaucer or the bumbo! Not to mention all the clothes, bottles, formula, food, and diapers! O the simple days when Jay and I just packed a bag and headed out whenever we felt! Now it is all about strategy.
Happy New Year!!

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