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Friday, December 26, 2008

First Christmas!

Lindsey's first Christmas went off with out a hitch! One would think we were woken up by our sweet little girl but think again! My dad called us at 7 am just to say hey! Not cool! That phone call woke up our precious little one! Since we were already awake I gave Lindsey a bottle while I fixed sausage rolls. When her little belly was stuffed (resembeling Santa Clause) we began to open presents. To our surprise Lindsey was all about opening the presents. She loved the paper and bows. She would even hold all the presents and then slobber all over them! We lounged around all day and just enjoyed being a family! All the stress and work was totally worth it! I can not wait for next year! Hope all had a Merry Christmas!

1 comment:

Mom (Patti, MiMi) said...

I think you have the perfect plan on creating the "Lindsey Marie Blog". Perhaps I won't be bugging you for more pics so often. It is really tough being so far away so this will help considerably to ease some of the pain.
Love you guys,
Mom, Patti, MiMi